As an inquisitive four year old American girl, my mom’s cookie making was becoming very fascinating. I’d beg and beg, “Mom please, let’s make some cookies today”. The rules were, if it was a rainy day, it was a cookie baking day. I loved rainy days! I’d sit cross legged on the floor in front of the oven with wide eyes, glued, barely blinking, carefully watching the cookie dough slowly rise into the form of fluffy cookies. The smell was tantalising; warm, sweet, buttery, and always familiar. Just the mood for curling up with a warm blanket, a glass of milk and mom’s warm cookies fresh from the oven. Sitting there quietly just watching the rain trickle down the windows. These were my first memories of my love for cookies. Now I’m a young 20 something living in Australia married to a wonderful Australian man. My love for cookies has not died, but in fact grown so much that I think I’ve actually got a bit of problem. Is it an obsession when you start baking every single night of the week just for you and your husband and of course the occasional social gathering with friends? Heavens no! Well that’s what I kept telling myself. So this obsession of mine has now grown into my very own homemade cookie business, based on the tender loving recipes I’ve grown up with in my childhood home in America.

As owner/operator of Kaley Jean’s American Homemade Cookies I sell homemade style and quality versus quantity. My products are full of fun & exciting flavour new to the Aussie pallet. I put a lot of extra love and care into all of my product as I make each and every cookie by hand! I don’t add any preservatives to my products. In saying this you’ll find my products have more rich flavour and texture to them than the large factory made ones. Shelf life is generally 7-10 days before they start loosing these qualities. 1-2 days once unwrapped.  Order turnaround is generally 2 days from the order being placed (give or take).

I sell my products at the weekend markets, the general pubic, cafes, delis, offices, and bomboneires for weddings. ABN holders are allowed access to a Customer Account with me where you will receive special low pricing, plus access to bulk purchases (extra large pack). Better yet, you can place your orders online with a few simple clicks of the mouse and have them delivered to your location.

Stay in touch with ‘what’s cookin’ for my latest news.

I hope you enjoy my cookies, and be sure to share around my little piece of my America. They’ll never expect it!


Not Quite The Cookie Monster