The Right Athletic Sportswear for Women

Are you an avid gym goer? Chance are that you are always on the lookout for sportswear which helps you make the most of your workout. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer working out indoors or outdoors, you need to have the right kind of fitness wear so that you get the most out of your fitness regime. Make sure you keep the following things in mind when shopping for athletic sportswear.

  • Look for clothes which have flattened seams. Any seams which stand out can cause chaffing and make you uncomfortable both during and after a workout. So make sure that the clothes you buy have flattened seams.
  • Also make sure the clothing is tag less. You don’t want the tags biting into your skin while you work out.
  • For women who prefer to work their lower body, high waisted pants are a must. Imagine doing a series of squats and having to worry about your plats slipping down.
  • Also make sure that your pants don’t tend to become see through when you are working on that lower body. Any pants which expose your bum for the world to see are a strict no. not only would they make you uncomfortable but call for some unwanted attention.
  • Always check for the high-waisted and see through test to ensure that you are getting your hands on a pair which would allow to you to exercise in comfort.
  • In fact those who run can also benefit a great deal from pants which are high waisted. Plus the elastic of your pants should be a snug fit but shouldn’t be biting into your waist either. So make sure you buy the correct size. If you plan to buy any fitness cloths from an online store, make sure you check out their sizing guide. Also take a look at the customer reviews you may find several helpful hints from previous customers regarding sizing.
  • Hidden pockets are an added bonus. Though they may not be a necessity but they can come in pretty useful. If you carry a pump or your mobile phone while you are exercising, these pockets can be pretty handy. You can even fit your keys into these pockets without worrying about losing them while you are on the go.
  • Your sports bra should have adjustable straps. This is really necessary. Over time your fitness tees might loosen their grip. Having adjustable bra straps means that the straps can be adjusted with your other gym tees.
  • Moisture wicking socks can tend to be pretty helpful in preventing athlete’s foot and unnecessary chaffing. They provide you with the comfort of having to not worry about sweaty feet while exercising. Plus they add the extra grip you need in your running shoes.
  • Last but not the least fitness clothes should be worn according to the weather. During the cold weather wear clothes which protect you from the cold. In summer you can go for clothes which wick the moisture from your body.

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Lawn Bowls Apparel

Just like any other game, lawn bowl has its own apparel that keeps you comfortable when playing. The type of the apparel that the bowlers wear partly depends on the game tradition and also in the requirements of the bowlers. The clothing chosen must be easy to maintain while still keeping your appearance smart.

The type of the clothing also is dependent on where the game is being played on; whether outdoor or indoor. However, most of them can be used in both areas. The bowls apparel includes bowls trousers, skirts, blouses, shirts, knitwear, all kinds of jackets, cold weather clothing and bowls shoes.

Lawn Bowls Clothing Etiquette

Various competitions specify their own variations of the mode of dressing required. Every bowler and their clubs take sense and pride in sustaining dressing standards that make the comfortable when playing. Various games like tennis, cricket, and even golf maintain the same standards and behaviour of dressing though some may argue it is an old fashioned style.

Wearing properly sends a signal to your opponents that you are there for business. It also helps you to be disciplined and focused when playing. The etiquette that was in the place traditionally stated that you wear white from the shoe to the cap, however, this has not adhered to recently.

Indoor Bowls Clothing

Nowadays, ladies can as well wear trousers though in particular seasons they may be required to wear skirts. Also, grey is also being used in place of white. However, the more complex a competition is the more traditional clothing etiquette is required. Personal discipline never changes no matter the level of competition; you are supposed to be courteous and very respectful to other bowlers by being modest in your dressing.

You should be disciplined in a way that you will not distract other bowlers by avoiding any dressing that is very brightly colored, revealing, track suits, high heels or tee shirts. That’s why dressing code is part of playing fairly.

Your lawn bowling shoes must be in line with the rules of the game. You need to have very comfortable smooth soled shoes for one game may take an average of 4 hours which is relatively long.

In very formal competitions you may be required to wear a formal shirt and a club tie. The rule requires you to stay in your ties until the game is over; nevertheless, the use of ties is being replaced by polo shirts. Ladies’ indoor shoes come in various styles like lace ups, trainer style, sandals, slip on etc. their blouses include zippy, vee, Brora, Melrose, and pique. You can purchase Lawn Bowls Online – Custom Lawn Bowls  from Bowlers Barn as well.

Outdoor Bowls Clothing

When the weather is fair, your indoor clothing can also be put in the outdoor activities. However, if the weather becomes adverse, you will require an additional outwear to protect yourself so as to avoid postponing your games. Men have a variety of pullovers, sweatshirts, jackets, and slipcovers while ladies have formal blazers, and zip up jackets when it is cold.

In times when there is rain and you are playing the game outdoor, you need to have some waterproof wear like jackets, trousers, hats, and caps so as to increase your comfort. You need to have a towel that will help you dry your wood/bowl before making any shot. You need sun hats, visors and caps when it is sunny.

It is evident that you don’t need to postpone your game because of weather for there is no bad weather, there are only wrong clothes. Therefore, wear the right clothes and move on with your sport.

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